We use high-powered computing to unlock new sources of revenue for energy producers. We power our datacenters off natural gas at the wellsite, with minimal infrastructure requirements.

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Digitally Monetizing Energy

Powering Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mines with stranded, flared, or low yield natural gas.


American BitPower has almost a decade in digital currency mining and has several industry leaders at its helm.


American BitPower is partnered with Colossus Processing, one of the nation’s giants in 3D animation render farming.


American BitPower provides one of the best miner hosting solutions alongside proprietary farm management software.


ABP owns a proprietary mining and rendering software called Optimines.

Eco Friendly & ESG

Our process of energy conversion not only helps ESG requirements, but also helps save our planet’s people.

We are ready to talk to you about how you can increase your profits with no hassle, Let's Talk.

It is American Bit Power’s goal to create a balanced and mutually beneficial relationship with all our partners, as we build the future of commerce and energy relations.

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