Powering Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mines with stranded, flared, or low yield natural gas

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Digitally Monetizing Energy.


American BitPower combines a collective decade of experience mining cryptocurrency with several other industry expertise – oil & gas, network administration, and capital management

Datacenter Innovation

American BitPower provides full-stack mining datacenter deployments and is partnered with Phoenix+, one of the nation’s largest 3D rendering operations.


American BitPower’s proprietary management software, Optimines, allows datacenter optimization and integration with onsite power generation.


Environmental, Sustainability, & Governance

ESG and compliance solutions for energy producers seeking to reduce their carbon footprint

Unlock Stranded Assets

Unlock stranded assets caused by pipeline lockouts, or poor netbacks.

Energy Efficiency

Profitably route excess power associated with energy production to mining.

Flare Reduction

Reduce costly flaring, potentially turning it into an additional source of revenue.

New Revenue Source

A new way to monetize energy production in an emerging market noncorrelated to the legacy industry. 

Cutting Edge Technology

Mining is a multibillion dollar industry on the cutting edge of the technology space.

About the Team

Christian Krautter

Christian Krautter


About Christian Krautter

Christian Krautter has over half a decade experience building & operating cryptocurrency mining at commercial scale.

Christian built a home mining setup into one of the largest 3D rendering operations in the country and has survived multiple mining downtowns while continuing to expand. He has developed proprietary solutions the full stack of ABP operations, from electrical distribution, to software implementation and mining rig design.

As founder, Christian’s history of adaptability is crucial to ABPs success & growth.

Jon Michael Peyton

Jon Michael Peyton

legal Consultant

Chris Ransdell

Chris Ransdell

Vice President

About Chris Ransdell

For 20 years, Chris Ransdell has been a producer in both film and capital campaigns. During these years, Chris has administered the development of several companies’ infrastructure. He has been executive producer and VFX Supervisor to award winning film productions, and orchestrated dozens of national conventions and conferences for a variety of industries. This life experience has offered him the perspective and analytic skill set needed to steer American BitPower’s business relationships across two unique industries. From a well operator to a cryptocurrency investor, Chris guides each participant in American BitPower into a win/win scenario granting all parties involved the optimal experience.

Justin Laughlin

Justin Laughlin

Website Consultant

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American BitPower’s goal is to strategically combine energy production & high powered computing.