Powering Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency mines with low cost clean and renewable energy

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Digitally Monetizing Energy.


American BitPower has fostered government relationships that are committed to the protection and preservation of cryptocurrency mining, especially off of clean energy.

Datacenter Innovation

American BitPower provides full-stack mining datacenter deployments and is partnered with Phoenix+, one of the nation’s largest 3D rendering operations.


American BitPower’s proprietary management software, Optimines, allows datacenter optimization and integration with onsite power generation.


Environmental & Sustainability

Mine off of wind, hydro, and natural gas, reducing your carbon footprint

Unlock Mining Profitability

Maximize your mining revenue through our proprietary optimization software

Renewable Energy

Over 30% of our mining location energy powered from renewable sources


Expedient Execution

Have your mining equipment plugged or mine built in as little as two months

Low Power Rates

Secure the most profitability through our world renown power rates  

Government Relations

Feel safe from government intervention with our government liaison team

About the Team

Christian Krautter

Christian Krautter


Christian Krautter Bio:

Christian Krautter has over half a decade experience building & operating cryptocurrency mining at commercial scale.

Christian built a home mining setup into one of the largest 3D rendering operations in the country and has survived multiple mining downtowns while continuing to expand. He has developed proprietary solutions the full stack of ABP operations, from electrical distribution, to software implementation and mining rig design.

As founder, Christian’s history of adaptability is crucial to ABPs success & growth.

Chris Ransdell

Chris Ransdell

Vice President

Chris Ransdell Bio:

Born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Chris and his family moved to Oklahoma in the early 90s. Thanks to his homeschooled upbringing, he was given the opportunity to have early education in 3D animation, computer engineering, and cinematography.

Chris Ransdell began his career in 1998 as a senior 3D animator and video editor at Creative Animation. He “hung his own shingle” in 2001, launching his own firm. Over the years, his firm produced commercial productions on a local and national level, along with award winning film productions such as “Addiction: A 60’s Love Story” and “Doctor Who: The Soldier Stories”. In 2010 Chris saw the change in the wind, and shifted his focus to YouTube and digital media, beta-testing five local YouTube channels under a project titled Tulsa Feed. In one year, Chris produced over 410 “Webisodes” of original content  for Tulsa Feed and client channels. In 2015 a Comicon contacted Blue Box Creatives (Chris’ firm) and requested for his props and projects to be a guest. This led to managing, promoting, and even developing comicons all over the nation for 2 years; culminating with the Roast & Toast of Stan Lee (about a year prior to his death). After this tremendous undertaking, Chris turned his attention back to Tulsa.

Chris started navigating the political climate of Tulsa, especially in regards to making a more fertile economic environment for media and film. One thing led to another, eventually getting him appointed to several boards and municipal positions. 

Nathan Means

Nathan Means

Chief Technology Officer

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American BitPower’s goal is to strategically combine energy production & high powered computing.