Tulsa-based mining company to use Vast Bank’s cryptocurrency-friendly custody & banking.


Tulsa, OK: American BitPower (ABP), a Tulsa-based cryptocurrency mining company, announced that it has chosen to partner with Vast Bank in anticipation of their innovative and cryptocurrency-friendly banking policies.  Vast Bank recently  became the first nationally charted financial institution to complete an end-to-end Bitcoin transaction.

Charles Spears, ABP’s Chief of Strategy, said “As a company that deals natively in cryptocurrency, we have been searching for a bank that both speaks our language internally and can facilitate custody of cryptoassets. Most banking compliance departments are not equipped to understand the flow of cryptocurrency into cash, but Vast Bank’s leadership & team understands our business operations and offers solutions to problems businesses like ours often encounter.”


About American BitPower

ABP is a cryptocurrency mining company with significant operations mining Ethereum, Bitcoin, and rendering. ABP’s is currently expanding it’s mining operations to run on stranded or flared natural gas at the wellsite.


About Vast Bank, N.A.

Vast Bank is building on its past to create a future based on new ideas, world-class technology, and a winning culture to delight customers through simplicity and control. Family-owned and based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Vast Bank has served its customers since 1982.